Israel diamond industry reviewed for Kimberley Process compliance

A five-member delegation representing the Kimberley Process visited Israel from May 17-20 at the invitation of the Israeli government, in order to review this country’s compliance with the control standards.

The review team consisted of Jacob A.R. Thamage, director of Mineral Affairs in the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources of Botswana; Don Law-West, senior mineral economist in the Indian and Northern Affairs Office of Canada; Fabienne Juilland Metzger of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland; Ian Smillie, research coordinator at Partnership Africa Canada; and Eli Izhakoff, World Diamond Council chairman.

During the visit team members reportedly said that they received full cooperation from Israel’s government representatives its diamond industry.

“The review was very thorough and we believe that the team was satisfied with what they saw. We are confident that our level of compliance conforms to Kimberley standards. We look forward to receiving their report, said Udi Sheintal, Israel diamond controller. “I believe that all member countries must open up their enforcement system for inspection. Only if all of the countries conform to the same standards, will we be able to ensure that no conflict diamonds can penetrate the legitimate trade,” Sheintal added.