Is Laughter the Best Medicine for a Social Media Complaint?

A roundup of social media news to help jewelers improve their marketing techniques.

1. It’s human nature to complain about things. Social media gives consumers a megaphone enabling them to reach your brand’s followers in seconds, so a complaint on Facebook or Twitter can reverberate faster than regular word-of-mouth. Your response will speak volumes about your company and strategy. Prepare for negative social media buzz with three tips from SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on how you can benefit from engaging with cranky customers. When artfully done, cracking a joke can go a long way toward diffusing a potentially awkward situation.

Have you ever responded to a negative comment with humor? What was the result?

2. PC World offers up nine social media mistakes your business should avoid. In my opinion, the most important to avoid is “committing rank insensitivity.” Brands haven’t learned this lesson well enough judging by the uproars over companies being insensitive during recent tragedies. Offering support is one thing, offering support to pitch your brand is another. Be human, and be respectful. You don’t want your brand infringing on a news cycle especially if it shows you in a bad light. Not posting content for a day isn’t the worst strategy and won’t hurt your brand long term like an ill-advised tweet or Facebook post would.

What is your social media strategy in times of shared crisis?

3. The January 2012 issue of JCK clued jewelers into the benefits of having a competent SEO strategy. If you’re wondering how to optimize your social media SEO, look no further than these six uncomplicated social SEO tips from The Globe and Mail.   

How effective is your SEO strategy? What tools have you used to improve it?

4. Jewelers debating whether to employ someone in-house to manage their social media or out-source it would be wise to consult Business2Community’s recent blog post supporting small businesses going for outside help with social strategy. The blog makes a strong case that small businesses don’t always have the time or resources to plan out a social marketing plan effectively.

Who manages your social media strategy? How did you make that decision?

5. Still confused about how to make the most out of Twitter’s video-sharing app Vine? Here are nine great examples of branded Vines compiled by Fast Company that take full advantage of six seconds.

Which one of these branded Vines did you find the most helpful in coming up with a Vine for your company?

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