Is Google Glass the Newest Bridal Accessory?

Jewelers may have to come up with new bridal accessory ideas thanks to Google Glass.

Last summer, Jessica Kuan married Steven Soong and walked down the aisle wearing the new technology. According to Mashable, the video was part of “Ok Glass, I do,” a collaborative project between wearable-technology research firm Vandrico and Jess Sloss, a communications consultant with the company.

This is the video that was posted on YouTube:

Kuan may not have been all that fashionable during her walk to her future husband, but there’s no denying that the end result is a less intrusive look at a deeply personal moment than had a photographer been in front of or behind her.

Opinions from the jewelry industry on whether Google Glass was fashionable wedding attire for brides varied.

“I’d never wear it over my eye! It would ruin my whole idea of what I want to look like as a bride,” says jeweler Cait Skjeie. “Maybe you could find some way to hide it in a headpiece or veil or incorporate it into a necklace.”

Sean Moore, director of sales at Borsheims Fine Jewelry and Gifts in Omaha, Neb., thinks using Google Glass to capture the moment is “brilliant” and would help the bride remember exactly what how she felt on her special day. “Using Google Glass to capture the moment is exactly what we encourage our customers to do: be aware of the significance of the moment and the emotions happening in that moment!” Moore says. “We tell our customers to make sure to watch his or her face, not the engagement ring, when presenting it to their significant other.”

Moore told JCK that he and his associates would accessorize according to the dress and the bride’s personality while keeping in mind she’d be wearing the glasses at times throughout the day. “We could certainly suggest a beautiful glasses chain for her Google Glass, but we would probably adorn her in beautiful jewelry that works best with the dress and her style,” Moore says.

How would you accessorize a bride who wanted to walk down the aisle wearing Google Glass? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @JCKMagazine.

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