Introducing the Vogue Noir Jewelry Collection From Katharine James

Katharine James Vogue Noir earrings

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already fallen in love with Katharine James‘ exquisite bridal and fine jewelry designs, so imagine the excitement when I learned that she was introducing a new line of sterling silver pieces. The line, dubbed Vogue Noir, is exactly how it sounds: elegant, chic, and oh-so-very-alluring. Suggestive of the Belle Epoque era, the choker-style necklaces and chandelier earrings are dressed with dramatic black diamonds.

Katharine James Vogue Noir ringKatharine James Vogue Noir heart necklace

“The Vogue Noir collection was inspired by the Belle Epoque period of celebration,” says James. “Women were adorned with elaborate chokers and chandelier earrings and celebrating the good life again. This collection is dramatic and chic and can be used to wear with existing pieces to layer on fashion and femininity! This is also why I was inspired to create in silver.”

Katharine James Vogue Noir chandelier earrings


Katharine James Vogue Noir choker necklace


Consider me obsessed: The new line echoes the fierce-chic fashion exhibited on FX’s American Horror Story: Coven (Jessica Lange remains a brilliant goddess untouched by age), and that suits me just fine. Take a bit of old-world charm, paint is black, and you have an artful, seductive look that’s as mysterious as it is tempting. Thank you, Katharine James, for keeping us in constant, sparkling style. Now let’s all grab as much as we can, shall we?

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