Internal Marketing Can Change Your Words

The American Marketing Association defined internal marketing as “Marketing to employees of an organization to ensure that they are effectively carrying out desired programs and policies.” Why should jewelry companies put effort into internal marketing? Because people matter!

The concept of internal marketing is based on creating a work environment where people feel valued, recognized and rewarded for their day to day responsibilities.  Internal marketing can improve performance for jewelry companies. When employees feel more appreciated and are excited to go to work employee satisfaction is high. There are direct links between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Consider how employee actions become an extension of the jewelry company’s brand.  Successful results need to be credited to all employees serving at all levels and functions. Success is not exclusive to top management and ownership.

Internal marketing can improve employee loyalty.  Well trained and highly motivated employees  must be retained by jewelry companies because it is too expensive to attract and train new employees who evolve into loyal performers. Loyal employees can drive higher profits for companies. How might jewelry companies become more transparent to encourage more employee loyalty? As the jewelry industry becomes more competitive it is increasingly more important for jewelry companies to create a culture that reinforces employee loyalty. Consider how customers prefer to shop with companies that have loyal employees assisting them.  Internal marketing can improve employee loyalty and that can result in more effective differentiation.

How can jewelry companies implement internal marketing programs? Start by changing your words. Sometimes it is not what you say, but rather- how you say it.  What messages might top management convey to employees to encourage them more? What sort of internal communications acknowledge employee performance and offer recognition to top performers? What sorts of rewards are designed to motivate and recognize top performers? Every manager I have ever spoken with assumes their employees know they appreciate their performance and contributions. However, there are very few who have gone out of their way to create internal marketing programs to insure they are leveraging maximum employee loyalty and their potential contributions. Change your words and watch the effectiveness of your internal communications to employees improve.

Here is a great video that shares how changing your words can greatly improve performance.

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