Integrate Email Marketing with Sales Personnel

Today’s jewelry buyers are often watching their spending and that has led to the need to find more creative ways of appealing to these more value-oriented buyers without negatively affecting the company’s bottom line. Now is the time to challenge those arbitrary price benchmarks of customer spending habits and how in-store and online sales are handled. Consider how to create some new approaches through email marketing to stimulate new sales based on unique offerings.Are you trying to find new email promotions that may prove to be effective, or are you merely falling back on the same offers because it’s the way you’ve always done things? Have you been actively tracking the results of specific campaigns? Have you considered what you might change? Have you tried testing some new sales approaches? Are you willing to try a new approach to improving your total unit sales and average ticket price?

Consider designing a sales campaign based on email marketing. Consider how the timing of the campaign might add to its effectiveness. When you conduct an email campaign do you commonly develop new product offerings? How do you involve your sales team? Using a short sales period is very important to help motivate buyers to take action now. If you are looking for new sales try finding those items that best appeal to value oriented shoppers and develop email marketing campaigns designed to motivate these buyers to make timely purchases. Lastly. consider complementing email marketing with telemarketing follow up. Integrating sales personnel with email marketing may prove to be very effective.

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