Instore Show’s ‘Bench Pressure Challenge’

The Instore Show, taking place at the Chicago Navy Pier, April 19 – 21, will include a competition for bench jewelers that will test their ability to meet and exceed the needs of customers.

Four challenges will be held:

* The CAD/CAM Challenge Competitors: Jim Tuttle, Green Lake Jewelry Works and Greg Stopka, Jewelsmiths 
* The Wax Carving Challenge Competitors: Mark Grosser, M. Grosser Jewelry Design and David White, Aucoin Hart Jewelers
* The Setting Challenge Competitors: Mark Morrell, Cambridge, MA and Tony Baldwin, A.A. Baldwin Jewelry by Design
* The Engraving Challenge Competitors: Elichai Fowler, Paradise Ring Works and Marc Williams, MarCo Jewelers

Each contestant will be challenged to create an original design by customers, emulating their store experiences at the show. Various experts and retailers will be among the judges. The challenge is hosted by Joel McFadden, owner of Joel McFadden Designs, David Geller, Jeweler Profit Inc., and Stuller – who is supplying all of the materials necessary for this event.

The first challenge, as Tuttle and Stopka respond to a customer’s exacting request for a new jewelry design. The jewelers will then begin with the CAD/CAM drawing that will be scrutinized by the panel of judges.

For the wax carving challenge, Grosser and White will employ their craft as they complete wax carvings. The challenge will allow attendees to ask questions of the jewelers as they compete.

Next, Morrell and Baldwin, master jewelry designers, show their creativity and ability as they complete the same setting project.

Then Jewelers, Fowler and Williams, will be given the same style ring to embellish with engraving, utilizing their own sense of style and execution.

The Bench Pressure Challenge represents an opportunity for jewelers to see the world of custom creations by the foremost members of this field, show organizers said. The area of custom design is becoming more and more popular as consumers vie for exclusivity in the designs they wear.

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