Instagram’s Latest Engagement Tool: The Quiz Sticker

Last week, Instagram announced its latest feature in Stories, the Quiz Sticker.

Using it, for those who are already familiar with the other stickers available via Instagram Stories, is a breeze. Even for those who are not, figuring it out is pretty breezy as well.

Once you open the menu (by swiping from the bottom) in Stories mode, click the one that says “quiz” (see photo below). From there, you’re able to type your question and add up to four multiple-choice answers for your followers to select from.

Instagram Stories Quiz sticker


Pretty straightforward pop-quiz trivia stuff. So, how can retailers/business owners make the most of quiz? While the bottom line is that it’s good for engagement, you could really have a lot of fun with this.

Let’s use a giveaway as an example. Select an item from your inventory as the prize and test the knowledge of your followers. For May, choose an emerald piece, and ask a series of questions about the month’s birthstone. Make them use their brains! You don’t want to be giving that prize away too easily. Imagine doing this once a month, per birthstone, and it could be something you start advertising via your store emails, on social media, and so on.

With the quizzes, there’s a little less room for flexibility because there is a denoted correct answer—so it wouldn’t make sense to poll your audience this way, for example. (It’s a good thing Instagram has an actual polling feature.) But you can still have fun quizzing your audience on the store’s new arrivals, sending them searching through your website to answer questions like, “Which gemstone is featured in our spotlight collection?”

For even more fun with quizzes, connect with your followers on something other than jewelry. Want to test their Game of Thrones knowledge? Quiz them on the most recent episode—just be sure to indicate that spoilers may be ahead, and those who don’t wish to have the episode revealed should swipe through. You will not win any customers by spilling the secrets in a yet-to-be-viewed GoT episode, believe me.

So go forth, have fun, and quiz! I’m looking forward to seeing the smart ways the feature is used in the coming weeks, particularly as we lead up to JCK Las Vegas. Surely there are a few trivia-worthy topics to be touched on there.

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