Instagram’s New Hyperlapse Lets You Create Artfully Sped-Up Videos

A favorite filmmaker’s tool, now on your iPhone

On Tuesday, Instagram debuted a brand new app: Hyperlapse, which allows its users to create speedy-looking time-lapse videos. 

The app, which is currently available only for iPhone (an Android version is in the works), produces a cool, choppy-cut effect on its own—you film a video the same way you do in Instagram video, by tapping on the screen to record, then tapping again when you’re done. You pick a playback speed (between 1x and 12x) and tap a green check mark to save it to your camera roll. From there, you can share to any social network, upload to a website or send via email or text.  

A Hyperlapse video of rush hour in Bangkok (courtesy of @jjjdebrouwer)

Time-lapse videos have forever been created by holding a camera very still while filming, then speeding up the footage. Instagram reports that the new app has built-in stabilization technology that allows you to create cinematic loops that can feel very Bourne Identity–style action movie—or deeply comedic—depending on what you’re pointing your camera at.

The app is fun to use but also offers retailers yet another way to connect with their clients in a playful, engaging way. Sound intriguing? Please share links to your Hyperlapse creations in the comments below!  

A Hyperlapse video taken in the Netherlands (courtesy of @bartjee)

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