Instagram We Love: Providence Diamond

Fine jewelry retail store Providence Diamond in Cranston, R.I., is one of the industry’s best in-store merchandisers. And that visual savvy extends to the retailer’s smartly curated Instagram feed.

Filled with a mix of pretty product shots, behind-the-scenes candids, cool quotes, and even a few family photos, the feed feels luxurious, but never intimidating, and gives a complete picture of what the retailer has in store for consumers, should they be enticed to stop by.

Below, a few recent posts that illustrate just how the family-owned retailer is slaying it on the ‘Gram:

Getting Personal
As a store, you’re only as good as the people you employ. And Providence Diamond shows pride in its in-house jewelry pros through posts that are both casual (one recent post showed staffers at dinner) and more formal. In the above post, the company welcomed its new bridal and diamond expert, Steve.


Pretty Product
Any social media expert will tell you that as a retailer, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on product shots on Instagram. But cool snapshots like the ones above, which are beautifully composed and full of color that pops off the screen, should always be in the mix.


Holiday Hype
Jewelry and holidays go together like sterling silver and turquoise—so as a retailer, never let one pass you by without hyping it, especially on Instagram. You never know what will compel a client to buy jewelry as a gift. Providence Diamond does a great job of marrying the right jewelry with the right holiday (see the diamond rings against the American flag for Memorial Day, above). Celebrating all holidays also relays a message of inclusiveness: Check out the retailer’s wish for a happy Ramadan, above.


Engaging Stories
Posting photos and stories of the brides and grooms who bought rings in your store (see above) is a fabulous way of connecting with your local community. Those posts are sure to be reposted by the couple and their family and friends, giving your store some viral mojo. It’s also an effective way to showcase your product in a real-life setting.


(Top image: @providencediamond)

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