Instagram We Love: Broken English

Los Angeles–based fine-jewelry boutique Broken English is a quiet tastemaker. Owner Laura Freedman’s penchant for innovative, under-the-radar brands and vintage-inspired pieces lures top Hollywood stylists, stylish celebs, and Brentwood/Malibu mommies alike.

The retailer’s Instagram page is a perfect reflection of the company’s edgy aesthetics. Here’s why it’s one of our favorite fine-jewelry feeds.

It Believes in Fun
It would be easy for an ultra-hip retail brand like Broken English to keep a straight face on Instagram. But the occasional posting of cute and funny content lends it some friendly flair; it also further aligns it with its affluent-and-worldly urban clientele.

It Posts a Mean Still Life
The big challenge for jewelry retailers on social media: How do they create product still-life shots that are fresh and interesting? Broken English is great at staging these shots. If it’s not a “wow” image, the brand doesn’t post it.

It Has a Fabulous House Model
We’re not sure if this gorgeous model is a salesperson, a professional model, or friend of Freedman’s—but she pops up all over the retailer’s feed and is a perfect face for the brand. She looks dolled up for the evening, but spent the day surfing in Malibu.

It’s Not Afraid to Be a Little Edgy
This jewelry is built for self-possessed, confident women—and the feed’s occasionally sexy (but never too-sexy) images reflect that.

All images courtesy of Instagram/@brokenenglishjewelry

JCK Magazine Editor