9 Favorite Instagrams From Thanksgiving 2019

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and if you’re not still eating leftovers, well, I’m not sure whether to envy you or feel sorry (I’ll answer that once I finish this never-ending supply of green bean casserole).

Of course, what will keep our industry buzzing is not who ate what for dinner this year, but rather, how everyone fared on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and—currently happening—Cyber Monday. News I’m most certain will be covered in one way or another here on JCKonline.

But I do want to touch on the actual Thanksgiving holiday because, for anyone who runs a social media account and particularly one or more accounts of retail businesses, the holidays can present a whole other set of challenges—in addition to maintaining your stock, keeping your customers happy, and managing to spend some quality time with your family, too.

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Sometimes, when faced with a holiday such as Thanksgiving (and the remainder of this year, where holidays come at us like flakes from a snow cannon), it’s not uncommon to plan, agonize over, and plan again precisely what to post to an account. Do you wish your followers a simple happy holiday (what if it isn’t clever enough?)? Do you remind them of an upcoming Black Friday sale before their turkeys are even out of the oven (what if it seems too sales-y or self-serving?)? Do you make an attempt at going viral with something epic (what if it somehow offends someone?)? The list of worries one can work through before hitting that post button can, at times, feel quite lengthy.


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Today I am grateful for my family and loved ones, for the culture of love that I grew up in, for having been taught by my parents and family to share of myself and live within a mind frame of togetherness and oneness. I am grateful for having been imparted respect and a sense of responsibility towards others, and the value of perspective. My dad taught me the importance of walking in other people’s shoes, and my mom inspired in me that love is true when it is boundless. On this day I also think about how intrinsically similar we all are, how we all come from the same place and want the same things in life — love, security and health. It is vital to acknowledge that not one person deserves that over the other. So today, I encourage everyone to take a moment to understand the history of this day and to be with its uncomfortable truth. Honoring the truth is honoring oneself, for oneself and as part of the world.

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And I write this as someone who once worked on brand accounts, with a team of people to weigh in, and weeks—sometimes months—to plan (and for your information, no, none of our posts ever went viral, and yes, we most certainly did at one point or another offend someone, because isn’t that always the case?). But imagine those independent designers and retailers doing it all on their own. Many of you don’t have to imagine—you’re who I’m writing about!


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So remember this, as we head into the holiday season: Authenticity is your best tool. Not the custom graphics, not the cleverest play on words. If you have those things to share, then by all means, do. But I think the best way to represent both you and your brand (which, for many designers, are one and the same) is to just be yourself. Highlighted here are some of the Thanksgiving Instagram posts that I found to be the warmest and most authentic.

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From a glimpse of their days (and their turkeys) to beautiful photos complete with heartfelt captions, I was grateful to share a space on the web with these fine jewelers this year.

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