Social Media Must: The Instagram Stories Series

You’re probably already using Instagram Stories. Whether you’re giving us a peek at new arrivals to the store, a preview of what’s on the workbench, or highlights from a swanky fashion or jewelry event, followers are tuning in to what you’re putting out. And it’s supposed to be fun, organic, and real—so keep on sharing. But for a slightly more strategic (though no less real) approach, consider incorporating your very own series into your Stories.

Many industry pros are already doing this—Gem Gossip’s Danielle Miele, for example, has incorporated more than one of her blog’s series into her Stories, a very natural extension that’s suited perfectly to the social media platform (#showmeyourrings seems made for the ‘Gram, but it’s been around long before it). Stay Gold’s Liz Kantner does the same, with Daily Jewels—photos of her and her followers’ accessories for the day, among other concepts.

I follow stories like this eagerly, enjoying a daily dose of what these highlights have to offer, much like getting my daily newsletter in the morning to catch up on the latest headlines. We like things to be surprising and unpredictable at times, but humans are creatures of habit, and having some routine instilled into our lives is comforting and enjoyable, too.

I recently started following a random (to me) Instagram account because of the creator’s illustrations recapping the week’s episode of The Bachelor. Please don’t feel sorry for me when I say, it s a true highlight of the week. It’s hilarious, creative, and gives me five minutes to myself to just let my brain be mush (aside from the hour spent watching The Bachelor, a brain mush maker if there ever was one).

You, too can be one of these accounts—not necessarily of the mental laxative sort, but an inspiring one that keeps people coming back day after day or week after week.

Share a look of the day from your store, start a series on gemstone education, offer up a cocktail recipe for Friday happy hour (paired with the perfect jewels). Whatever you choose to do, let it be a natural extension of you or your brand, and have fun with it.

I have been taking for granted how important these series (miniseries?) of all kinds are, because I anticipate and enjoy so many without even realizing that they are, in fact, deserving of the name, as they occur regularly, and therefore I know to expect them. For those out there working to keep us all inspired and entertained, thank you! May the industry keep learning and growing along with you. As we begin to move into spring, step up your social media game with a series of your own, and let your efforts connect you with new followers, customers, and friends.

(Top image via: Instagram)

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