All the Instagrams Making Springing Forward Easier

If you’re reading this, it means that you’re awake (at least, awake enough) to function on this post–daylight savings Monday, one day after we “spring forward” (read we all lost an hour of precious sleep). It’s amazing how just one hour, a mere 60 minutes, can have such an impact in its absence. And yet, it’s a change we seem to feel for weeks.

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There’s a shiny silver lining to this version of daylight savings, despite the time it seemingly takes to catch up with it: It means spring is really truly almost here. Sunset is later, and slowly but surely we’ll end up wearing a few less layers (except for jewelry—that, we pile on even thicker). On some trees there are already a scattering of blooms, and in the stores, Easter displays signal the arrival of a new season.

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The Instagram community seems to be feeling the excitement for spring, and I was rich in sunny, feel-good pictures that brightened up my feed this week. When much of the news is bad, we can’t underestimate how powerful even the simplest display of beauty can be—and jewelry has plenty of that to offer (though much of the jewelry pictured can be called anything but simple).

Image via: @erstwhilejewelry

Image via: @liz_kantner

Image via: @shayjewelry

Jewelry-show season is also gearing up so—whether the events go as scheduled or not—this feels like the season of new creations. Jewelers are gearing up to show off their latest, some of it on social media. Anticipating new jewelry designs on Instagram is as thrilling—more, even—than the eventual arrival of spring (and often, the two coincide).

Image via: @gemgossip

Image via: @laurenkfinejewelry

Image via: @augustlosangeles

From new creations to colorfully curated arrangements of gemstones and jewels, these are spritely images getting me through the week.

Image via: @selimmouzannar

Image via: @varianceobjects

(Top image via: @tasaki_intl)

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