Instagram Brings the Red, White, and Blue

Independence Day felt somewhat overcast this year, and I’m not talking about the weather (though in North Carolina, we had some very impressive thunderstorms). It’s a strange time to be in America, and the conversation doesn’t really need to veer too much toward the political to acknowledge a tangible sense of weirdness.

But, like the post referenced below from @diamondoodles, we do not stop celebrating, because perseverance and pride are mainstays of the American people. This sense of optimism, I think, is what made the sight of others’ July 4 celebrations all the more beautiful: Finding cause to rejoice despite the current mood and climate, by acknowledging our families, our freedoms, and—with a digital flood of red, white, and blue—our flag. A friend of mine put it best when he suggested celebrating “the Americans he knows and loves,” and there’s nothing better than sharing that love.

Via: @diamondoodles

I spent the day with my newly expanded family (I became a mom and an aunt in the course of five days!), hanging by the pool, and soaking up some sunshine. It was easy to find time to scroll through Instagram, and I began to bookmark my favorite July 4 posts.
Since most—if not all—retail businesses close for the holiday, the day’s images were more about celebrations than sales, but clever jewelry features were a good part of the mix.
It wasn’t all about America’s signature color trio. Fireworks burst from my feed, too, with jewels exploding in starry shapes and diamonds being the “sparklers” necessary for an epic Independence Day.
Here are some of my favorite posts, glorious in their red, white, and blue. Hope you had a wonderful July 4, however you celebrated it.

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