Instagram We Love: Lost Forest Jewellery

Jewelry doesn’t get much more magical than the nature-infused pieces Irish brand Lost Forest Jewellery hand-fabricates using flora and fauna suspended in a proprietary clear resin.

The collection’s Instagram is equally dreamy.

The social feed showcases Lost Forest’s baubles—which encase natural elements such as leaves, mushrooms, flowers, seeds, grass—photographed in beautiful detail, often lit with bright, natural light.

The ‘Gram also tells the story of how the collection sources its natural elements through posts that show raw materials that look as though they’ve been gathered off the forest floor.

Here are a few potent ways the brand charms its 7,000-plus followers on Instagram.


Lost Forest Jewellery starfish pendant.jpg
Image: @lostforestjewellery

Product Images Are Impactful
Every product image on the feed is sharply photographed, showing a wealth of detail, and very well lit. Pieces are often shown in a natural environment or surrounded by complementary colors courtesy of patterned paper (wallpapers?) or photos.


Los Forest Jewellery Mushroom
Image: @lostforestjewellery

Styled Vignettes Look Easy, Not Forced
Ah, the overhead styled shot—it’s become synonymous with Instagram and often looks unappealingly staged. Not on this feed—a bowl of tiny mushrooms that are destined to live on in pieces of jewelry sits next to a magnifying glass and a single sprig from a pretty weed. Yes, the photo is beautiful, but it also makes sense and isn’t overly cluttered.


Image: @lostforestjewellery

Craft Is Highlighted
The many photos of just-picked flora and fauna on the site—nature that’s presumably headed to the design workshop—are treated with the same grace and good design as the finished jewelry pieces on the feed. And, collectively, photos like these reinforce the brand’s close-to-nature identity.


Los Forest Jewellery Woods
Image: @lostforestjewellery

It’s Not All Jewelry
But it is all nature, which obviously speaks to the brand’s DNA. The feed features numerous photos of woods, forests, paths, bodies of water, and other peaceful settings.


Lost Forest Jewellery heart pendant.jpg
Image: @lostforestjewellery

Product Is Shown in Multiples
Because what’s more impactful than a single heart pendant filled with metallic leaf and fuschia flowers? Five heart pendants filled with metallic leaf and fuschia flowers. Shots that show multiple pieces fill Instagram’s squares beautifully and pack real visual impact.

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