Instagram Like a Rock Star: London Jewelers’ Pretty, Witty Feed

The Long Island retailer mixes whimsical shots with celebs and straight-up eye candy

When it comes to its Instagram, London Jewelers lets its vibrant, gem-studded photos do all the talking. The Manhasset, N.Y.–based retailer’s Instagram page is pure eye candy—and always feels fresh.

Below, some tips and tricks to glean from the brand’s beautifully curated feed.

You Can’t Lose With Clever

Clever, funny shots that also show your product favorably are the gold standard of social media shots. Be witty, and be witty often.


Keep It Current

This bauble-filled hand would be gorgeous without the of-the-moment gold-flake manicure—but it wouldn’t be nearly as cool. Consider fashion and beauty trends when posting jewelry worn on a person.


Weave in Pop Culture

Here’s Keira Knightley in a Chanel headpiece—a collection London Jewelers carries. By posting the occasional gorgeous starlet, you add a dose of celebrity glamour to your feed. 


Go for Pretty

Someone thought these bracelets and watch would look absolutely fetching amidst purple tulips. Someone was absolutely right. 


Employ an Artistic Eye

When it comes to producing memorable images for social media, let your imagination run wild. It’s the highly surprising content that often catches fire online. Don’t be afraid to be irreverent. 

JCK Magazine Editor