Find Holiday Decor Inspiration on Instagram From These Stores

The moment we turn our calendars from October to November—to the dismay of some—the holidays have officially begun.

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It isn’t that we want to completely pretend Thanksgiving isn’t happening. It’s just that the holiday season is so big, we need all the time we can get to celebrate it. So if you find yourself rolling your eyes just a bit the moment you see those jack-o’-lanterns replaced by big red bows at the store, remember that the retail world is just trying to get people into the holiday spirit ASAP, to maximize both the potential for sales and—so says the Pollyanna in me—the potential for good cheer. (Okay, it’s probably the sales. But the warm fuzzies come as a result of the festive atmosphere, yes?)

Suffice it to say, if you’re a retailer who has yet to don their icicle lights and put out your scented pine cones, you’re behind. Honor Thanksgiving. Host a most excellent sale. Donate to a charitable cause for the occasion. Whatever you do, don’t ignore this November holiday. But for the love of all that is good, get that holiday cheer on display, stat!

On the other hand, you can definitely benefit from being a bit behind on your decorating and take advantage of the stores that are way ahead of the game. Do so by turning to the one place you’re probably spending too much of your time anyway: Instagram.

The accounts to follow? Big city stores. That is, department stores and shops from places like New York City, London, and Paris. They always go all-out, year after year, and nothing says “happy holidays” like their famous window displays.

Keep your eyes on these accounts as the days get nearer and nearer to Christmas (note that not all of them have revealed their windows yet)—act fast, and you may be able to source some inspiration for your own displays, too.


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