5 Instagram Hashtag Trends to Jump Into Now

We’re doing what we can right now to create an environment for ourselves that feels as close to normal as possible, and for many, social media has been an important tool in that quest. Sharing what we do day-to-day to maintain some structure, spur creativity, and make it through the unexpected challenges that come with isolating at home is a fantastic, often collaborative way to cope with the times. If you’re already sharing or following along on Instagram, consider another opportunity to be a part of a larger team activity, and look for hashtags that cultivate a feeling of togetherness. Here are five of my favorites.


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Introduced by Instagram’s @creators account, #HowICreate is a series of episodes on IGTV that details how creators, well, create. But the hashtag has also taken off on Instagram, with creators of all kinds—fashion designs, bakers, artists, and more—sharing methods and inspirations. This would serve the jewelry industry well, particularly at a time when the creative flow could be lacking and inspiration sparse, or simply because many jewelers don’t have access to the tools they need to create. If you’ve got something to share in this vein, doing so could help to ignite the creative fire others are grasping for at the moment.

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What do you miss most about daily life? The list of answers to that question has to be endless. But if I asked a sampling of friends and relatives, I am sure one of (if not the) most common answers would be other people, and, more specifically, drinking with other people. Let’s face it—we just all love happy hour. Not necessarily for the alcohol (though that’s great, too), but for the company, the experience, the chance to shoot the breeze in a casual environment while people watching or soaking up some sunshine, listening to music, whatever scene fits you best. We can’t transport to the public venues at the moment, but everyone can gather on Instagram and participate in one of @jckevents’ happy hours, Fridays at 4 p.m. They’ll provide the drink recipe, you concoct it yourself, and you can tune in for a special cheers and other fun shenanigans (just this past week, Monica Stephenson and Barbara Palumbo joined in for a live yoga session). For the recipes you missed, you can visit the @jckevents Instagram account to try them all.

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A standby if there ever was one—and a chance to spotlight your jewels that might be sitting in the box at the moment—this hashtag from Gem Gossip, arguably one of the first jewelry hashtags like, ever, is a must. You know the drill—pile ’em on and post that photo, complete with the hashtag, and revel in the celebration of groupie, gorgeous rings.


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Okay so this one isn’t specific to the jewelry industry, but the pillow challenge is the planking of the quarantine era. Basically, people are wearing pillows like they’re dresses—belting them to their bodies and getting all “dressed up.” The prettier the pillowcase the better—same goes for the belt—and it’s the ultimate opportunity to showcase your jewelry. Come on, jewelers! We need an industry pillow challenge collective, for sure.


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There’s something about being at home that makes a lot of people work harder, right? Most of us aren’t used to being confined, so there’s a race to be as productive as possible, whether it’s doing the most for your kids, churning out extra projects, or whatever else it is that keeps you busy. But it’s good to take breaks, even if you don’t even realize you need them. The #TakeaBreak hashtag from Instagram has loads of ideas, from Naomi Campbell baking a cake and soccer star Paul Pogba cooking to Yara Shahidi offering advice on how to set your intentions. I think it’d be helpful to the rest of the jewelry community to show how you take a break and reload, so why not share your moments with the hashtag, too?

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