3 Instagram Feeds From Jewelry Retailers That Pop With Personality

For jewelry retailers, the option of creating a supremely polished, diamonds-and-Rolex-filled Instagram page always exists. Product, product, product. It makes sense, right? You’re selling some of the loveliest, most luxurious tangibles on the planet.

But those all-gloss-no-soul Instagrams—the ones that resemble early Pinterest pages—are falling out of favor with social users. The ubiquity of all that highly produced sheen has begun to feel something like homogenous, and in turn, inspires apathy.

But that’s great news for jewelry retailers, trust me. It’s easier (and likely more organic-feeling) to showcase more sides of your company, including more behind-the-scenes action, including photos of sassy staffers, scenes from fabulous trunk shows, and the store basset hound/mascot.

Generally speaking, social followers love seeing personality and quirkiness in the feeds of the brands and businesses they follow. Casual, off-the-cuff posts breed engagement and allow users to connect on a personal level. Also, showcasing your store’s authentic personality—be it goofy, sophisticated, or edgy—will add to its ability to stand out amongst its competitors.

Take a quick study of these three jewelry retail accounts—all of which are positively popping with personality.


A Nine Roses Instagram post (Image: @nineroses)

A Nine Roses Instagram post (Image: @nineroses)

Nine Roses
This Richmond, Va., jewelry boutique is great at curating product photography that doesn’t feel static, mixed with scenes from the owners’ real lives and funny and/or offbeat photos cleverly captioned to bring the message back to jewelry. A recently posted photo of a family of sheep, for example, bears the caption: “Squad goals to be honest 🙃 #friendsarecool #goldisgoodforyou sheep get a bad wrap but these guys are cute #freethesheep

A Stone Fox Bride Instagram post (Image: @stonefoxbride)

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A post shared by Stone Fox Ride (@stonefoxride) on

A Stone Fox Bride Instagram post (Image: @stonefoxbride)

Stone Fox Bride
Not strictly a jewelry store (but a seller of wedding jewelry), New York–based Stone Fox Bride’s Instagram is personality-plus, thanks to owner Molly Guy, a former editorial writer who’s now also an advice columnist for Vogue. Posts showcase engagement rings with well-crafted stories about how the engagements happened, photos of new brides, and plenty of real-life snaps of Guy and her two girls. Guy’s writing, which always feels honest and raw, is the superstar here.


A Roseark Instagram post (Image: @roseark)


A Roseark Instagram post (Image: @roseark)

Los Angeles jewelry boutique Roseark posts reams of casual jewelry-on-a-person photos. But each is expertly styled and sits with a well-written caption. Who wouldn’t want to follow a feed full of bejeweled rainbows, butterflies, and crowns so deeply boho, they conjure images of Middle Earth?

(Top image: An Instagram post from L.A.’s Roseark showcasing Mariella Pilato bracelets; via @roseark)

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