Infographic: Social Media Is Powered by Women

Pinterest is widely known as the social media network dominated by female users. However, this infographic from and Ruby Media Corp. has proof that women dominate all of social media.

With the exception of LinkedIn, more women than men use social media networks in the United States. Seventy-six percent of U.S. women use Facebook, compared to 66 percent of men, and 54 percent of women use Twitter, 8 percent more than men.

Thirty percent of U.S. women use social media several times a day, 58 percent consume news on Facebook, and are more likely to interact with brands in a variety of ways across all social media channels.

There is plenty of other good information that you can enjoy on your own, but the lessons jewelers can learn from this infographic are obvious. Jewelers sell a product that is social-media friendly and geared toward a female consumer base that has more independent buying power than ever before and is more media savvy and informed than at any other time in history. Reluctance to embrace social media now will mean a lot more catch up later on, and by then your competitor’s message will have already reached a willing audience.

So don’t be shy! Facebook, tweet, pin, and Instagram that bling!  

 Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Their Success
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