Infographic: 86% of Brides Think Overall Engagement Ring Design Is Most Important

Last week, our Bridal Smarts Tip cited a survey from The Knot that found 37 percent of brides told their guys exactly what kind of engagement ring they wanted.

The rest of the survey indicated that the majority of brides have more subtle ways of getting their partner to purchase the perfect ring, but that the woman still plays a large part in the decision.

This infographic from Wedding Wire seems to back up that research. According to their survey, nearly 70 percent of brides take charge of some, or all, of the decision making when it comes to the ring.

A few other stats stood out to me. For instance, a whopping 86 percent of brides think the overall design of the ring is most important, and only 47 percent of them rate the size of the diamond as a “somewhat important feature.”

Let me know what you find surprising or interesting in the comments section.

wedding wire diamonds

wedding wire diamonds

wedding wire diamonds

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