The Industry Gives Thanks on Instagram

Well, the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season is well underway—I hope it is treating you well so far. Here’s hoping that you stayed so busy on Black Friday weekend that you didn’t even have time to eat lunch. (The only excuse for missing a meal is a good sales day, am I right?)

But let’s talk about Thanksgiving for a moment: For a social media manager, or small business owner that runs all of their own social channels, sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to mark certain holidays. Do you post something acknowledging Thanksgiving, or not at all?

If you do, is it something personal (a photo of your family, perhaps, or off your staff); creative (a clever layout of your jewelry designs or product you sell, or a graphic image); or something else? Is it a personal, heartfelt (or funny!) message, or a note about your holiday hours or upcoming sales?

It of course depends on your personal taste and brand image, in addition to what works best with your audience, all of which go into consideration when posting anything on your Instagram page (even subconsciously). In case you’re stuck by the time next year rolls around, some inspiration: I loved these Thanksgiving posts from our fellow industry members, and I think you will, too.

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