The Industry Celebrates Summer

I’m really not that big a fan of summer. Now, before you throw your computer, your smartphone, or whatever you’re reading this on, out the window, bear with me. I used to love summer. Back when it felt freeing to run around in a swimsuit, to jump in the pool, to stay out late watching the stars, to see a double feature at the drive-in. I have both romantic ideas and experiences of the season, and for that, I am grateful. But let’s face it: Summer in the city sucks. It’s hot, it’s muggy, it’s hard to stay out of the sun, and people might question your sanity if you decide to run around solely in a swimsuit.

I hope to someday get my love for  this season back—I think the solution may lie somewhere in the suburbs—but until then, while I wait for the first sign of fall, I’ll be the scrooge of summer—as long as I’m stuck in the city, at least.

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For travel, on the other hand, summer is brilliant. You do sort of regain some of what it used to feel like as a kid when you’re playing on the beach, diving in the water, and going out into the night without a jacket to encumber you. June, July, and August do seem to offer a sense of free-spiritedness that no other trio of months can quite provide.

If you own a retail store, it can be difficult to get away (those annual summer vacations may be a thing of the past). But if you’re lucky and can take a few days to cut loose, all the better. If not, there are other ways to enjoy the season.

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So while I staycation here in my air-conditioned abode, I thought I’d see what the industry was up to this summer—where else to turn but the ever-consultable Instagram? To scroll through someone else’s travels is either inspirational or masochistic—depending on how badly you want to get away, I suppose. But there are also the images of summer style, including some inspiring  jewelry vignettes, to remind us that, despite the humidity and the hordes of tourists that come to crowd our sidewalks (how hard is it to stay to the right?), this is a season to be celebrated. How you do it is up to you. What are your plans this summer?

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