Indie Retailer Jorge Adeler Expands His Wholesale Collection

The designer will show the 120-piece line in Las Vegas this month

Jorge Adeler, founder of Adeler Jewelers in Great Falls, Va., has been a favorite of fine jewelry fans in the greater Washington, D.C., area for decades. He’s known for creating elegant, often unusual pieces that showcase fantastic and colorful gemstones that he sources from all over the world. 

And now the Argentinean-born retailer hopes to expand his presence beyond the Beltway. At the Couture show later this month, Adeler will show the Jorge Adeler Collection—which he launched in 2013 but has recently expanded into a 120-piece line divided into six distinct collections that’s available for wholesale. See the entire collection here

We asked Adeler—who operates his retail business with his two daughters, Wendy Adeler Hall and Valentina Adeler Armour—to elucidate his latest endeavor:

Courtesy Jorge Adeler Collection

18k white gold earrings with Australian opal doublets and round brilliant diamonds by Jorge Adeler Collection

JCK: You’re a veteran retailer with your own successful store. What interests you about wholesaling?

Jorge Adeler: I wanted to set up the business for future generations, and keep my family business alive. By allowing my brand to start wholesaling, I can now make it available to those around the world and not just in Washington, D.C. And give my grandchildren the opportunity to travel the world, and continue to grow the brand.

JCK: How would you describe your design aesthetics? 

Adeler: I’ve traveled all around the world to source gemstones, diamonds, and pearls to make one-of-a-kind creations that elevate the conventional gem to an inspiring piece of jewelry. Many of our pieces are filled with color and texture, which add an [element] of fun and also allow women to display their own distinctive style.

Courtesy Jorge Adeler Collection

Designer and retailer Jorge Adeler

JCK: What do you love the most about the pieces you create?

Adeler: Through my 30-plus years of travel, I have been able to source gems from the emerald mines of Colombia, diamonds from Israel, and pearls from the Philippines. I believe that in order to understand a gem, one must first understand its origin, its people, and its hidden emotion. With that knowledge and understanding, I’m able to communicate its secrets and mysteries to create a piece of jewelry with emotion and purpose. These pieces not only possess great value and beauty, but also allow the wearer to share a world that has always fascinated mankind. Every piece I create has meaning and purpose behind it—I find that to be very special.

JCK: What materials are used in the new collection?

Adeler: It’s rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets using exotic pearls, black gems, opals, diamonds, treasured coins [and more].

JCK: Where did you get your start as a designer?

Adeler: I was born and raised in Argentina, where I developed a deep love and appreciation for gemstones through my exposure visiting the rich Brazilian mines and Colombian jungles of my two neighboring countries. Additionally, I have always had a great passion for travel…. When I moved to the United States in 1975, I learned to make a living through using my imagination. I started going around to local boutiques and stores offering shelving ornaments—bookends and figurines—that I carved from stone. And then eventually I made the transition from stones to jewelry and opened up my first store in Ocean City, Md. I sold unique, out-of-the-ordinary pieces that caught the attention of those looking for something different. And from that point forward I focused on what no one else was selling in the industry.

Courtesy Jorge Adeler Collection

18k yellow gold ring featuring an authentic Taras coin by Jorge Adeler

JCK: You’ve been creating custom designs for years—how did working as a custom designer prepare you for creating your own collection?

Adeler: Having worked for three decades with consumers, I have a second sense of what they like. Our pieces have already been consumer-tested, with all the kinks worked out. 

Courtesy Jorge Adeler Collection

18k yellow gold ring featuring cleaved clear quartz and diamonds by Jorge Adeler Collection

JCK Magazine Editor