IGI to launch new color diamond report at JCK Las Vegas

The International Gemological Institute will launch a “consumer friendly” report for natural color diamonds during the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas 2005.

The Natural Color Diamond Association will host a champagne reception to announce the launch of the IGI Natural Color Diamond report during the JCK Show. Jerry Ehrenwald, IGI’s CEO, and David Weinstein, IGI’s executive director, will present the new report at the Venetian Hotel and Casino (Room 2601).

The IGI Natural Color Diamond Report describes the diamond’s color using standardized color terminology and uses common color names that are taken from the jewelry and fashion industries, the Natural Color Diamond Association said in statement. These attributes are significant because it provides a common language for describing a diamond’s color between buyers and sellers, and uses color terms that enable the consumer to experience the color on both an emotional and personal level.

Each analysis is performed by a expert graduate gemologist using state-of-the-art spectral analysis to determine the origin of color The color description is determined by comparison to either color diamond master stones or Munsell color master chips.