IDL Prepares for its Launch

International Diamond Laboratories will mark its official launch on Thursday in Mumbai by providing what it calls “an innovative range of products and services aiming at providing more added value to the trade, supporting consumer confidence, and driving demand for diamonds.”

Diamondlab, as it is also called, is an initiative of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, a strategic government initiative that provides industry-specific market infrastructure and services to sectors like the diamond market.

IDL said it will grade diamonds to standards of color, clarity, and cut. An automated process is used to determine color,”with accuracy far above existing color grading capabilities and in a consistent manner,” the grading lab claims. It also says it will be the first lab to achieve a full definition of S13 clarity grade, and it will bridge the gap on the market between S12 and S11 grade. In determining cut, the lab is licensed in accordance with the Gemological Institute of America’s Diamond Cut Grading System.

IDL says in addition to offering a standard paper report, it also will provide a digital certificate, which allows owners of diamonds to receive their diamond grades before the diamond is physically returned. The lab also promises 48-hour turnaround service and says it is the first lab in the world to offer grading reports in Arabic, in addition to English.

Among its products are an IDL Diamond Certificate, a three-fold document with detailed 4Cs information and detailed plotting; and an IDL Compact Diamond Certificate, a two-fold document that does not contain the plotting information.

The inside of an IDL Diamond Certificate

IDL has outlined a philosophy that it claims brings diamond grading “from an art to a Science,” through the use of technological innovations and updated practices. The organization has chosen the lotus flower as it symbols because it says the unfolding characteristics of a diamond are similar to the flower.

“At each step, its real identity becomes clearer,” IDL said in a statement. “Just like the gradual opening of every leaf of the lotus until the blossom unveils the full splendor of the flower. Together, diamond and lotus represent the ideals of IDL: ensuring that natures’ gems bloom under the rays of light that form their journey within the diamondlab.”

The lab is being led by: Peter Meeus, chief executive officer, Youri Steverlynck, general counsel, and An Smet, chief operating and technology officer.

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