IDI Releases More “Youtube” Videos

The Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI) announced the launch of a second round of YouTube videos to promote the Israeli Diamond Industry.

The first round of videos was launched at a press conference in Las Vegas in May, where IDI revealed the 4th Stage in the “Together Works” strategic program, based on a social media marketing campaign, which in addition to YouTube relies on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

The Israeli Diamond Industry YouTube channel is the first ever diamond center channel on YouTube. It can be accessed at As in the previous round the videos each present a different diamond company introduced by the owner or principal. IDI is promoting the videos through banners on the Israel Diamond Industry portal and major diamond and jewelry websites.

IDI says that the Israeli Diamond Industry YouTube channel has exceeded expectations and that is the reason that an additional round was created. Since the videos were first uploaded on May 31, IDI reports over 15,000 visits.

In this new round, IDI has uploaded 24 new videos, which add to the first round of about 40 which were launched in May. IDI produced these image films for YouTube as a service for Israeli diamond companies while introducing them to the field of social network marketing.
IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar said that ‘Together Works’ is an example of how an ‘out of the box’ multipronged approach can be used successfully to promote a diamond center. . “It was clear when we planned ‘Together Works’ that we would use all tools available to promote The Israeli Diamond Industry, including social media marketing. YouTube is only one avenue for our efforts. Through our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other channels, we are working to create an online community where the industry worldwide can come together and share ideas,” he said.

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