IDI Launches Jewelry Design Competition

Diamond jewelry designed in Israel is the focus of a competition being held by the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies, in conjunction with the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and the Israel Jewelry Manufacturers Association.

The competition, which is being held in honor of Israel’s 60th anniversary, is intended to encourage the use of Israeli diamonds by jewelry designers here, and to foster cooperation between Israeli jewelry designers and the diamond industry. Moreover the competition is geared to positioning Israel as a manufacturer of unique and original diamond jewelry.

Eli Avidar, IDI managing director, said that IDI is sponsoring this competition as part of its strategy of enhancing cooperation between the diamond and jewelry industries in Israel.

“Israel has a longstanding tradition of jewelry design and many of its designers have achieved international recognition,” Avidar said. “Through this competition we are hoping to bring about cooperative efforts that will combine the strength of the Israeli Diamond Industry with the outstanding creative design capabilities we have here.”

Yehuda Kassif, IDI’s jewelry promotion director and art director of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, who is coordinating the competition, added: “There are many jewelry design competitions held around the world. This competition is unique in that it seeks to draw its inspiration from Israel’s multicultural society and contrasting landscapes. We are sure that this competition will yield many excellent creations, which we hope to exhibit here and abroad.”

The competition is open only to jewelry designers who are living in Israel. The design should reflect Israel’s culture and environment. Each design must incorporate polished or rough diamonds of at least one carat.

The organizers say that preliminary designs are to be submitted by Nov. 2. Designs that are approved by the panel of judges must be submitted as final jewelry by Dec. 31. 

Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three winning designs.