IDI Chairman Receives WDC-CIBJO Order of Merit Award

The World Diamond Council and World Jewellery Confederation presented Moti Ganz, chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies, with the first ever Order of Merit Award during the conclusion of WDC and CIBJO meetings in Tel Aviv on May 6.

WDC president Eli Izhakoff and CIBJO president Gaetano Cavalieri presented Ganz with the award for his 25 years of public service on behalf of the global diamond industry.

Since 2006, Ganz has been chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies; previously, he served as president of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association as well as president of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association.

“Under his leadership, the Institute significantly enhanced the participation of Israeli diamond companies in international exhibitions, with the emphasis on Asia,” Michael Greenspan, moderator of the gala, said in a statement. “Today, hundreds of those companies are showcased at the Israeli pavilion in exhibitions around the world.”