Idex Launches Ebay Sales Channel


IDEX Online and GemStoneKing, one of the largest fine-jewelry retailers on eBay, announced the launch of a joint eBay direct diamond sales channel.


The new platform will integrate IDEX Online’s diamond trading systems with GemStoneKing’s and eBay’s e-commerce systems. The platform automatically synchronizes the initial listings of certified diamonds on IDEX Online into ready-to-sell diamond listings for retail consumers on eBay. All IDEX Online diamond suppliers are eligible to participate.


“Think of this as a ‘30-seconds from polishing your diamond to showcasing it mounted on pieces of fine jewelry on the world’s largest e-commerce platform at no effort to you’ service,” said Abraham Stern, CEO of Idex Online.


The new system automatically screens IDEX Online’s entire inventory of more than 350,000 certified diamonds – valued at over $3 billion – to identify and offer stones meeting the buyer’s specific desires. The linked system creates an experience focused on fulfilling the consumer’s most important needs, including guaranteed availability, comprehensive detailed information on the offered diamonds and, most importantly, best comparable prices.  


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