ICA Web Site Includes Consumer-Friendly Gem Information

The latest promotional initiative by the International Colored Gemstone Association, SiteInfusion, will allow the ICA to showcase consumer-friendly gemstone information inside the Web sites of its members and their customers, most importantly the retail jeweler.

Brandmatrix SiteInfusion technology, developed by Polygon, allows ICA members and their customers to place consumer-friendly ICA content into their existing Web sites. “Essentially, it is a Web site within a Web site,” ICA said in a statement. “Consumers visiting a jeweler’s Web site will never leave that Web site via an external link to view ‘site infused’ information provided by ICA.” SiteInfusion features the jeweler’s name on each page of ICA information.

An ICA logo containing its SiteInfusion link is on the jeweler’s Web site. When a visitor clicks on the logo, they are taken to the content-rich pages provided by ICA. The jeweler’s name automatically appears at the top of each page. The result is that the visitor learns more about colored gemstones and sees professionally-designed pages, but never leaves the host Web site, ICA said.

SiteInfusion offers retailers the ability to:

• Control 100 percent of the content about the brand
• Control who showcases brand information online
• Change content any time with changes appearing on all sites simultaneously
• Provide extensive co-op marketing assistance to retailers at low cost to brand

ICA members and their customers can visit the ICA Web site, complete a brief form, and receive their customized link to add to their own Web site. ICA information instantly appears. ICA SiteInfusion is geared to the consumer. Initially included are sections on birthstones, gem buying tips, gem care, colored stone bridal, trends in fashion, and a profile describing the ICA and how to view more information on its Web site. ICA-SiteInfusion is available in English, Chinese, and Arabic, with additional languages to come in the future.

For ICA, SiteInfusion will get the right information out to the end consumer about colored stones and gem-set jewelry that will increase their awareness and desire for these products. It also will help establish the ICA as the world’s leading authority of and advocate for colored gemstones.