ICA to open a Hong Kong-based company to manage PR and commercial projects

The International Colored Gemstone Association, New York, is establishing a company in Hong Kong to manage projects that promote the use and sale of colored gemstones, and to create commercial opportunities that generate income for ICA and its individual investors.

The current project to be handled by the new company, ProfitICA Ltd., will be the “Book of Life project,” which involves a gem-set sculpture celebrating the successful completion of the Human Genome Project. Plans are being drawn up for a promotional world tour of the original sculpture, the creation and sale of a limited number of replicas, as well as for the marketing of a line of jewelry based upon the Book of Life’s unique design.

The Book of Life Project was inspired by an earlier project of ICA called the “Gate 2000.” It involved a gold, silver and platinum sculpture set with 2,000 precious gemstones, representing one of the seven entryways through the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. It was exhibited at more than 25 international jewelry trade shows in a variety of countries and viewed by hundreds of thousands of gemstone enthusiasts.

According to a business plan being developed for the new company, up to 106 Book of Life sculptures will be crafted—with some six being full-size versions. Up to 100 of them will be scaled-down versions. The primary target audience for these products will be individuals and companies with a vested interest in the Human Genome Project, such as pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, medical centers and hospitals, organizations, and companies involved in the ongoing research of the human genome, universities, science museums and libraries. Elements from the design will be incorporated into a line of jewelry, which will be marketed by licensed manufacturers. The jewelry pieces will also be sold at international jewelry industry trade shows by licensed agents.

A significant percentage of net income from the Book of Life and other projects will be retained by ICA to finance and broaden its promotional activities. The exact percentage to be set aside for ICA will be decided upon by the permanent board of directors of ProfitICA Ltd., when it is elected by the company shareholders. Since ProfitICA Ltd. was created to serve an ICA project the company charter stipulates that only ICA members can become shareholders in the company.

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