I Heart Giorgio Armani Design

As befits its inherent symbolism, the heart is a much-loved design motif. All manner of designs of hearts, from traditional to wildly interpretative renderings, are incorporated into jewelry and serve as reminders of life’s peak experience, love. In the current fashion press, a pair of ads from Giorgio Armani present fresh and compelling stylings utilizing jewelry of a heart design.

The first ad I saw caught my eye in the styling of a brooch in a nontraditional manner. This ad, which appears in the September 2011 issue of Town & Country, styles a sleeveless tunic incorporating diagonal lines and a thick contrasting strap, with a large heart brooch worn sideways so that the bottom of the heart points to the center of the ensemble. The heart also cleverly points to the clutch being held by the model and featured in the ad.  

Skewing the heart so that it points sideways is an unusual styling that draws attention to the brooch, which appears to be enameled and outlined in metal with a single large stone prong-set into a bezel edge. The edging relates to the goldtone edging of the clutch. The brooch adds emphasis to the bottom of the contrasting color strap of the tunic, which serves to balance the garment’s floaty hem. Altogether the look is cohesive and pleasing.

In the second ad, which appears in the September 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the model wears a three-quarter length black jacket with an oversized collar lined in pink, styled to stand up and surround her head. The jacket fastens with a heart-shaped brooch or button, that in turn matches the heart-shaped adornment on the small clutch she holds. These hearts are highly dimensional and of approximately the same size as the heart seen in the first ad, but are dotted and filled with appear to be shiny spheres.

The upper edge of the hearts relates to the shape of the collar of the jacket as it swoops lavishly around the model’s head. The multiple spheres, which relate to the size of the model’s features, provide a sense of abundance. Each element of design relates to and supports the others.

These ads demonstrate the exceptional coordination of fashion and jewelry to create cohesive and compelling style.