Give Yourself a Huggie

Collectible earrings—the so-called ear party—have been a dominating trend in the industry for quite a few years now. But the way these earrings are curated is always changing, with new styles being invited to the party as time goes on.

This style of wearing multiple earrings at once is timely but not original. I remember back in the ’90s—a decade some kids today might refer to as “vintage” (wow)—I used to buy earring sets at Claire’s, and they’d take the guesswork right out of it for you. And remember when people would wear three or more hoop earrings, graduating in size from top to bottom? This trend probably goes back further, but during the ’90s was when I had my first personal experience with it.

Alina Abegg Alien huggies
Alien huggies in 14k yellow gold with rubies, €2,230 ($2,420); Alina Abegg

Much of what we see today is a lot more about personal expression. These earrings are collected individually—many available in singles or a pair—and purchased because either they mean something to us or we just like them. Regardless of the reason, we choose what goes into our ears, the decision is not relegated to a premixed set purchased at Lerner’s New York (remember that, anyone?).

Jane Taylor Cirque classic hoop earrings
Cirque classic hoop earrings in 14k white gold with aquamarines, $1,355; Jane Taylor Jewelry
Sophie Ratner mini scatter hoops
Mini Scatter hoops in 18k rose gold with diamonds, $580; Sophie Ratner

The ear parties of recent times began simply enough, with tiny stud earrings of all sorts. Almost microscopic gemstones, providing a glimmer of something on the ear, worn in multiples for ultimate—but still minimal—effect. Then came whimsical shapes, icons, talismans. Then we began adding some volume. Hoop earrings dangling charms, ear cuffs, threaders, and, yes, huggies.

Vram Sine earrings
Sine earrings in 18 yellow gold, $8,800; Vram

Huggie earrings have taken on a new and improved image, at least for me. I once found them to be, while pretty, very sensible, and I guess in a word, boring. Not that they weren’t good or worthy of owning—I consider them a staple and a very good one at that—but one that wasn’t received with much fanfare, not dazzled or given any sort of a designer twist. You’d get a pair of gold or diamond huggie earrings and wear them often and trustily. But if you were looking for flair, for flash—for cool—you wouldn’t find it there.

Pamela Love serpet huggie single earring
Serpent single earring in 14k yellow gold with diamonds, $350; Pamela Love
Yun Yun Sun No. 12 diamond double hoop earring
No. 12 double hoop earring in 18k yellow gold with 0.4 ct. t.w. diamonds, $970; Yun Yun Sun

But toss those huggies into the modern way many wear earrings—collected, curated, loved—and suddenly they’re exciting again, they’re fresh, they’re the living end. Add to the mix the whopping availability of styles with that indie designer touch and they’re more covetable than ever. You might even want to collect more than one!

Zoe Chicco aquamarine charm huggie earrings
March birthstone huggie earrings in 14k yellow gold with aquamarines, $360; Zoë Chicco

And during times like these when we’re home and maybe don’t feel like changing out our jewelry and just want to snuggle into something comfortable and reliable (much like our clothes), huggies are great, because they fit closely to the ear so they won’t be pulling on things, they won’t push against your head when you’re snoozing on your pillow, they just don’t get in the way. They’re easy breezy, and much like their name implies, it’s like an actual hug from your jewelry. We could all use one.

Top: Stella huggies in 18k yellow gold with sapphires, $2,800; Ursa Major

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