HRD design award winner and four finalists honored at ceremony

Ceara McGuire of Belgium took top prize in the 2005 HRD Awards diamond jewelry design competition. Her entry was five slightly different brooches constructed from paper folded in origami-style and traversed with a band of brilliant-cut diamonds, set in white gold.

The 394 diamonds, with a total weight of 9.53 cts., used to make the award-winning design were provided by Grossmann Diamond Manufacturing NV. The jewelry item was sponsored by J. Katz Jewellers and Etn. P.C. Boschmans NV.

McGuire and the four other finalists were given their awards during a ceremony held in the old printing facility of the Gazet van Antwerp.

McGuire, 20, was the youngest of the five finalists. The HRD awards attracted 850 designs prepared by 490 artists from 55 countries. From that group, 49 designs reached the final round. Judges on May 10 selected the winner and four runners up. The other finalists are:

* Ming Yi Chang, 22 of China, who turned to nature for inspiration when designing his “Globefish” necklace. Using yellow gold and rubber, the necklace was set with two pearls and 33 Exire brilliant-cut diamonds, with total weight of 4.19 cts. The diamonds were provided by Inter Gems-Claes NV. The jewelry was sponsored by Zou Ningxin and the setting was providing by Brilliant Services.

* Gaetano Del Duca, 35 of Italy, created a colorful bracelet called “Tin Tin.” It was set with 441 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a total weight of 14.55 cts. The diamonds were provided by Eurostar Diamond Traders. The jewelry item was sponsored by 999 Novecentonovantanove.

* Cari-Mari Wilsenach, 28, of South African, created a “Roll a Dice” necklace, from interlinked dice made from silver and plastic, set with 1,200 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a total weight of 50 cts., which were provided by Crisdiam BVBA.

Shimada Sachiko, 40, of Japan, created a “Japanese Fan” necklace out of crafted strips of red bamboo, against which were set in white gold 489 brilliant-cut diamonds and one marquise cut diamond, with a total weight of 9.82 cts. The diamonds were provided by Taché Diamonds NV.

The five finalist designers, in the opinion of the jurors, presented pieces that demonstrated the artist’s excellence, and scored high in terms of innovation, enthusiasm and craftsmanship. First and foremost, the reflected the spirit of the 2005 competition’s these “Diamonds Are Fun.”