HRD Antwerp Introduces Measuring System

HRD Antwerp has developed what it calls a “new objective measuring system” for hearts and arrows identification and measurement for diamonds.

Called, “Hearts and Arrows by HRD Antwerp,” it will be implemented in the grading services provided by the HRD Antwerp – Diamond Lab. The automatic measuring device and software provides “objective criteria and repeatable results,” according to an HRD Antwerp statement. “It can now determine with more accuracy whether a diamond meets its ‘Hearts & Arrows’ standard.”

The Hearts and Arrows by HRD Antwerp service is designed for diamond professionals, who require accurate and repeatable feedback to assist them in the manufacturing and sales process.

On top of its new grading service, HRD Antwerp said it will provide feedback and production guidelines for the Hearts & Arrows pattern.

HRD Antwerp will explain the technical guidelines to diamond professionals during a seminar on Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 5 p.m. at its headquarters, Hoveniersstraat 22, 2018 Antwerpen. Free admission. Registration is required at, tel +32 3 222 05 66 or fax +32 3 222 05 46.

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