How to Use Jewelry to Help You Look Better Naked

Hey, I just report what the mainstream American consumer media is telling its readers! This suggestion comes from the pages of the February 2010 issue of InStyle magazine, in the feature “10 Ways to Look Better Naked.” Along with such suggestions as to employ makeup and lighting to flattering effect, InStyle tells its readers that jewelry may also be of assistance:

“It’s no secret that the small of a woman’s back is a very sexy region of the body, so . . . draw attention to that sultry curve with eye-catching jewels.” The illustration shows actress Taraji P. Henson looking very fetching in a low-backed ruffled pastel dress accented with several sautoirs arranged to hang low in back.


The magazine suggests another style of necklace would work well: “Wear a slinky lariat chain softly looped so that it tumbles down your spine.”

This all rather reminds me of my high school days, when I wore my hair down to my waist. I always thought my high school boyfriend liked my long, wavy locks for their own sake. Only many years later did he confess that the appeal of the hairstyle had a lot to do with how it emphasized the curve of my back (he put it in slightly different terms).

This all goes to say that I have empirical evidence that bringing the attention down low in back, such as wearing this particular reverse styling of jewelry, even when completely clothed, may indeed inspire thoughts of just how amazing you might look if the viewer actually ever got to see you naked.

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