How to Reengage Customers Online

For jewelers who depend on selling online as well as those trying to build more store foot traffic, it is important to engage more customers by placing relevant advertisements on sites they frequent. In the simplest terms, find the sites where customers are hanging out online and improve the reach of your advertising messages.

Here’s another way to put it: The great hockey star Wayne Gretzky was asked what made him so successful. His response was “I skate to where the puck is going to be.” His rationale can be applied to improve web marketing. Jewelry marketers need to find those sites that targeted customers frequent and present them with very relevant offerings. Placing advertisements on web sites that targeted customers frequent is an example of skating to where the puck will be.

As a college professor I frequent the site to check APA formatting rules. Upon landing on the site I was presented with an advertisement from, a jewelry website. What is important to stress is that the advertisement was not randomly presented and did not offer generic content. The advertisement presented items I had left in an abandoned shopping cart. The advertisement included photographs, descriptions, and pricing of three products in the shopping cart. Additionally, the advertisement offered a 20 percent discount. The advertisement easily hyperlinked to the landing page of the specific product I clicked on using my cursor.

Skating to where the puck will be is all about finding the sites targeted customers hang out at and then presenting them with customized offerings with the right stimuli to motivate them to link to your site. did just that, in an excellent manner, by linking my shopping cart items using a web site advertisement on a website that I frequent. I assume this was done through tracking cookies. Find out where your customers are hanging out online and present them with customized offerings when they land on those sites using paid advertisements. Getting customers to link to your site is smart business. Getting customers reengaged in the items they placed in a shopping cart is outstanding! Why not use the same strategy to lure “be back” shoppers to return to your store?

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