How to Make Great Infographics for Your Clients and Why

Diamond retailer Brian Gavin breaks down his latest graphic marketing tool

Explaining the finer points of jewelry and gemstones to clients face-to-face is always valuable. But many consumers, particularly visual learners, may have trouble retaining your thoughtful spiels.

Enter the infographic—a highly versatile tool with the power to educate and entertain. 

Houston-based diamond retailer (and fifth-generation diamond cutter) Brian Gavin, owner of Brian Gavin Diamonds, recently created and released a pitch-perfect infographic explaining the hearts-and-arrows diamond cut for his consumers. 

We asked him to walk us through how—and exactly why—he created the tool.

Courtesy Brian Gavin Diamonds

JCK: Why did you want to create this infographic?

Brian Gavin: We wanted to create the hearts-and-arrows infographic purely to help educate consumers about the cut. There is a lot of information available that is not accurate, and we wanted to consolidate the correct information into an easy-to-reference format. The effect that the hearts-and-arrows cut has on a diamond is unparalleled, but some people either aren’t aware the cut exists or of the power it possesses. Simply put, the cut allows a diamond to sparkle more brilliantly and to outshine the rest. 

JCK: How did the infographic come to be? Did you commission it or was it done in-house?

Gavin: The images used in the infographic were actually photographed in-house by our photographer, who shoots photos of each and every Brian Gavin diamond, then edited to match the graphic nature of the infographic, so the photos are a completely precise representation of what the hearts-and-arrows cut looks like. We worked closely with our graphic designer on the rest of the components of the infographic so that it was aesthetically pleasing, without taking away from the hearts-and- arrows images.

JCK: How are you using it in your marketing?

Gavin: We shared the infographic on Brian Gavin Diamonds’ social media channels, including Pinterest. [But] the infographic is less of a marketing tool and more of an educational tool. We like to educate people about what makes a diamond sparkle so customers have a better appreciation for the stone’s brilliance. Many people just think about the color, size, and shape of a diamond but don’t understand how it sparkles or came to be this coveted stone. But we want them to know exactly why diamonds are so special. When consumers understand how a diamond sparkles, they’ll come to appreciate the precision and high performance of a Brian Gavin diamond. So, in a roundabout way the infographic is a marketing tool in the fact that it educates consumers. 

JCK: Why do you like this diamond cut?

Gavin: The exceptional degree of optical precision required to produce a pattern of hearts and arrows that is consistent in size, shape, and spacing, combined with a zero for light performance as designated by AGSL, provides the highest volume of light return and a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion with broad spectrum sparkle. The majority of ideal-cut diamonds simply can’t compare. 

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