How Jacquie Aiche Curates a Perfect Instagram Feed

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media sites, and it’s a perfect platform for jewelers to share their wares and aesthetic. Jacquie Aiche’s Instagram account (@JacquieAiche) is a perfect example of an account done right: Its posts showcase its gorgeous jewels and also offer a feeling, a sense that this is a lifestyle you want to sign up for. Jacquie Aiche was kind enough to answer our questions about the brand’s approach. The biggest takeaway: from the spark of an idea to the photography and captions, the account is truly a team effort. 

JCK: How often do you post? Do you have a set schedule, or do you wait until the mood strikes? 

Jacquie Aiche: We post two or three times per day. There isn’t exactly a set schedule, however, we do plan out certain posts beforehand—things like #TBT’s or Monday morning posts. We also use analytics to determine the best times of day to post, when our followers are the most active. 

JCK: How much time do you spend on Instagram each day? Is liking and commenting on other posts important? 

Aiche: Probably in total about an hour a day. We always make sure to like posts that customers have tagged our jewelry in. Aside from that we try to like/follow accounts that are in keeping with the tone of the brand. 

JCK: Your photos are gorgeous! They look professional but also feel casual and spontaneous.

Aiche: Thank you!! We feel it is important to give our followers really interesting, well-composed posts. We take all shots in-house. It’s been a great tool for us in terms of follower growth and general brand aesthetics.

JCK: The images you post with text (and no jewelry) are very popular—what’s your strategy for those posts?

Aiche: We source inspiration from all over the world and compile them with beautiful dreamy images. It really has become a kind of a signature post for us, which we love. Being a source of inspiration and beauty is what it is all about for us.    

JCK: Can you tell me about the JAtribe hashtag?

Aiche: The #JAtribe is our version of a modern-day girl gang that started out as a fun hashtag. It has evolved into a symbol of the playful spirit of female camaraderie.  

We are just so happy to see that others feel comfortable enough to use it in their own posts.

JCK: How important is Instagram to JA’s business?

Aiche: It allows us to create a voice that our followers can relate to, which has become an invaluable tool for building our brand.

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