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How I Got Here: Jennifer House Reflects on Her Rebranding Decision


Jennifer House recently made one of the biggest decisions of her life so far: She rebranded in August from Origin 31 Fine Jewellery to Jennifer House Jewellery. The U.K.-based designer says it was a spontaneous yet deeply researched idea, to change her company’s identity to better connect with customers.

House worked behind the scenes at some of London’s finest jewelry houses for more than two decades before debuting her own jewelry company, Origin 31, in March 2020. Yes, that month. Yes, that year.

The pandemic had not fully hit when House went out on her own with jewelry she describes as “playful nostalgia,” using her childhood memories as inspiration for her small-batch, handmade jewels.

“Choosing a name, be it your own or something entirely unique, hinges on your brand’s essence,” House says. “When I started my brand, I saw it through rose-tinted glasses, not a critical business lens.”

Jennifer House pendant
Jennifer House’s Rock Candy amethyst parma violent gold pendant ($3,297) shows the influence of childhood nostalgia, which House says is an inspiration for her designs.

So, in a different kind of story about how someone became a jeweler, this one focuses on how Jennifer House Jewellery came to be. Some jewelers who stick to a brand name that has nothing to do with their personal moniker say they want a business that could be easily transferred to someone else when the time is right.

“I am still excited that I have at least another 20 years when I can let my artistic ideas continue to develop to create beautiful jewels, so thinking about selling my business in the future is a long, long way off,” House says.

Rebranding is a risk, she acknowledges, especially when customers already knew her as one thing. But it is a risk that she says was well worth taking.

“Changing my brand name was no small consideration. Over several months I have sought guidance from accomplished and established businesspeople across diverse professions for their invaluable insights,” House says. “The feedback was almost unanimously in favor of this transformation—generally without a hint of hesitation. I’ve never been one to delay decision-making; when I see the need for change, that’s it, I get it done.”

Why now?

“So that prospective contacts know the person behind the business, imprinting it firmly in their memory banks,” House says. “My many existing clients already know my name, but at times it has been disheartening to encounter instances where clients have recognized me but struggled to recall the name of my company. But no more!”

Jennifer House ring
With the Rock Pool fuchsia pink gold statement ring ($7,717), House says she wanted to play with the smooth and the rough, contrasting warm gold with intense pink ceramic as well as pink sapphire gemstones.

House says her original business name, Origin 31, was a mask of sorts. “I launched my business craving privacy, anonymity—no spotlight.

“Then a Metal + Smith post asked, ‘How do clients perceive your business?’ I realized my personal touch was lost, just a faceless brand. It didn’t align with my vision. I had to think about how my potential clients would consider my brand and my work.… Seeing a name and a face ultimately humanizes the brand.”

It’s also about building something new in a variety of ways, she says. House’s extensive experience in the jewelry industry was mostly around production and development. This endeavor is about her creativity, passion, and design skill—and she wants people to know her.

“By prominently featuring my name, I establish a foundation of trust with my clients. It signifies not just a product but a commitment to quality, originality, and a deeply personal touch,” House says. “This aligns seamlessly with my overall approach, where each creation is an embodiment of my dedication and craftsmanship, a reflection of the values I hold.”

Top: Jennifer House says she changed her business name from Origin 31 Fine Jewellery to Jennifer House Jewellery to better connect with her customers. (Photos courtesy of Jennifer House Jewellery)

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