How Did BaubleBar Solve a Dilemma With In-Store Shopping?

Although trendy monogrammed jewelry pieces are one of BaubleBar’s top selling online categories, these items weren’t selling in its New York City pop-up shop. 

“Personalized jewelry is a huge hit with BaubleBar, but at their first pop-up shop, only one monogramed piece sold,” said Rebecca Zhou, creative strategist at digital creative agency Gin Lane, says.

The two-and-a-half-year-old jewelry company, founded by Harvard Business School graduates Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky opened their first brick-and-mortar location last year, giving customers a chance to try on the jewels.

The recent sales dilemma at their downtown digs lead Jain and Yacobovsky to connect with Gin Lane Media, a New York-based digital creative agency that has worked with big name retail companies such as J.Crew and Michael Kors. 

“Women wanted to see what their individual names would look like,” Jain says, “We turned to Gin Lane to help solve this problem through technology.”

After a few months of research, Gin Lane created a virtual monogramming kiosk for the SoHo location, allowing shoppers to see how their own name or initials would look with certain jewelry items, styles, and colors.

The iPad app allows shoppers to enter their name and initials and select one of 18 different monogram designs. 

After the shopper has chosen, the app generates a three-dimensional preview of the jewelry piece with a custom WebGL script.

From there, users can spin the piece or customize its size, shape, chain, and even its color.

Images courtesy of Gin Lane Media

“We strived to create a unified shopping experience with the benefits of both brick-and-mortar and online,” Zhou says.

This isn’t the first time BaubleBar has used technology in its physical shop. The company works with technology firm Perch Interactive to bring a collaborative, fun experience to their shoppers. When shoppers pick up jewelry pieces in interactive display cases, the area beneath the product transforms into an portal educating the customer about the product she holds and shows her how to wear the piece with different outfits.

BaubleBar has received a favorable response from the new technology and iPad app. “Engagement has been incredibly high, which has been encouraging,” Jain says.