How Can Jewelers Make Their Pins as Sexy as…Kale?

A roundup of social media news to help jewelers improve their marketing techniques.

1. Mobile video ads aren’t the future, they are the present. Jewelers should start showing off that bling in fun and entertaining ways on as many social media sites and mobile platforms as possible. Need some guidelines so you can start planning? Here are six good tips on how to take your mobile ad viral. Finding your audience is the most important thing you can do on this list, and social media sites, like YouTube, make it easy for you to find and research who exactly you want to target.

What’s your mobile ad strategy? How does it fit into your social media plan?

2. Still not sold on making social media and video an integral part of your marketing plan? Well, people (and more importantly for jewelers, potential customers) are spending more time online than ever before, with significant growth coming from social media and digital videos. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, U.S. consumers spent an average of 37 minutes a day on social networks in 2012. Time spent watching online videos jumped from 17 minutes in 2011 to 24 minutes in 2012. With social media apps like Vine integrating video deeper into social media, those numbers are only going to go up.

What was your most successful video ad campaign?

3. Speaking of Vine, the May 2013 issue of JCK includes a handy feature on what jewelers should and shouldn’t do on Twitter’s video-sharing app. The information couldn’t be more timely as a recent study by Unruly Media found that branded Vines get shared four times more than online videos.

Have you experimented with the Vine app yet? If so, what kind of response have you had from followers?

4. Finally, an infographic on how jewelers can make their pins on Pinterest as sexy as kale. Yes, kale.

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(Infographic courtesy of Pingage)

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