Housekeeping Note: About Featured Content on This Blog

Hi readers! Thank you for logging onto the Style 360 blog as
often as you do. This blog—which has been reinvigorated in the past six months
with a mini-facelift and almost-daily posts—now entertains nearly 2,000 visitors a week, and monthly visits have just broken the 10,000
mark. Thanks to (I installed the toolbar on my computer), I’ve been able to watch strengthen and grow, with the site’s overall popularity steadily increasing on a daily basis. Plus, there will be more updates to come in the next few months as JCK
continues to enhance its online space.

The Style 360 blog is read by jewelry store owners with some
of the most high-design merchandise mixes in the country, and featured content
of new jewelry has inspired store purchases and helped designers pick up new

Jewelry selections shown on the blog feature those of
artists who are high-profile and lesser-known, seen in market visits, and those with works that retailers consider to be among their best sellers. The jewelry shown is trendy now as well as poised for popularity, and includes red carpet stunners, newly
launched collections from jewelry shows around the world
, pieces or trends of
note in the mainstream press,
fashion and jewelry trend reports, as well as some beautiful selections that just
couldn’t fit into our print publication

The content of this blog aims to inspire and educate, as well as just plain delight viewers with some of the most
beautiful, inventive, and wearable creations available for purchase.

Whether you’re a retailer, designer, or consumer, thank you
for reading! I love suggestions on how to make content more appealing
and useful to you, so please don’t be shy about weighing in via the comment
function or sending me a private note at
(And if you’ve already done so, I promise to consider your jewelry for exposure
in the most appropriate place available.)

If you’re a designer, here are three simple steps for you to
follow to get your jewelry considered for publication on this blog (or in

·      E-mail me low-res photos of
brand-new product (up to six months new) photographed on a white background.

·      Tell me exactly what I’m
looking at, including carat weights of all stones, metal types used, and piece
or collection names (if any).

·      Tell me the suggested retail
price of each piece pictured.

This information serves as the foundation of nearly every
single blog post, and many product-specific print articles. I will e-mail you
directly for high-resolution photos, if desired, for print. 

You do not need a formal or personal invitation to submit this
information at any time of year. 

For those who don’t know about JCK’s free daily electronic
newsletters, please sign up for them here.
These deliver concise daily updates—including Style 360 posts,
as well as those from Rob Bates’ Cutting Remarks and Paul Holewa’s Retail
blogs—to your inbox so you can conveniently see new content at a
glance. Each day also has a theme, and New Product Tuesdays and Style Fridays
feature additional new merchandise and style-specific content.

Thanks again!


P.S.: The comment function below is not the same thing as e-mail; if you post a comment below, it will appear for everyone to read.


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