Hoop Dreams: New Hoop Earrings to Mark the End of March Madness

Who doesn’t love the hoop? That perennial earring favorite is in the jewelry boxes of women worldwide, and thanks to an ever-artistic community of jewelry designers, there’s no shortage of new styles to show clients. And particularly during the baseketball season (March Madness!) hoop earrings seem like the ideal way to accessorize, and, a festive way for fans to show their love for teams in the Final Four!

Lafonn platinum-bonded silver hoops with simulated diamonds 

Earrings in platinum-bonded silver with simulated diamonds; $575; Lafonn

Kama Schachter 14k gold and diamond hoop earrings

Vasilia hoops in 14k gold with 1.02 cts. t.w. SI diamonds; $959; Kama Schachter

ZDNY silver and black onyx hoops

Silver hoop earrings with 89.56 cts. t.w. black onyx; $1,400; ZDNY & Co.

Sarah McGuire Antler hoops in 10k gold

Antler Hoops in 10k gold, $1,760; Sarah McGuire

Vanessa Leu earring in titanium, gold, and praisiolite

Hoop earrings in titanium and 18k black and 14k gold ear wires with 2.93 cts. t.w. praisiolites; $1,825; Vanessa Leu

Robin Koffler hoops in 18k gold with diamonds

Two-inch Filagree hoops in 18k gold with 0.15 ct. t.w. diamonds; $2,800; Robin Koffler Jewelry

Nak Armstrong hoops in silver and 18k gold with tourmaline, sapphire, spinel, and tanzanite

Hoops in silver and 18k gold with tanzanite, grey sapphire, black spinel, and dark green tourmaline; $4,655; Nak Armstrong

Rhonda Faber Green Flowers & Hoops earrings in 18k gold with diamonds

Juliet Leave & Flowers hoop earrings in 18k gold with 0.54 ct. t.w. diamonds; $4,700; Rhonda Faber Green

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