Holiday Gift Guide #2: Jewels for Him

The holidays are all but here, and you can expect a range of shoppers coming through the door. You’ll see everyone from newlyweds to new parents, long-time loves to close family members and best friends. Each one will have different needs from the next—some on a mission, some clueless. So to get you prepped, we’ve put together a series of mini holiday shopping guides for all of your customers’ needs.

For those shoppers looking for something special for their guy—something that isn’t electronic or power-tool-related—here are 10 of my favorites to make him sparkle with style.

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1. Rotenier | 2. Scott Kay | 3. Heather Moore | 4. Edward Mirell | 5. Heavy Stone Rings | 6. Kronos America | 7. Tateossian | 8. KIR | 9. Rahaminov | 10. Silver Stars Collection

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