Holiday Decorating Ideas for Trunk Shows & Jewelry Shopping Events

You’ve got a trunk show this weekend—how are you decorating your store for the holidays? Potted poinsettias might seem like the logical and practical choice but there are plenty of other ways to create a festive environment.

Using flowers and other natural accents, you’ll obviously want to keep the vibe nondenominational, while creating a beautiful backdrop for your jewels and a memorable experience for your guests.

So, a few pointers from some pros:


“It’s not your typical ‘holiday’ flower but I love anemones,” says Kelsie Hayes, owner of Popup Florist in NYC, who has styled jewelry events for Barneys and jewelry designers Tarin Thomas and Marlo Laz. “They come in bright, bold colors and I specifically love using them in red. They are very delicate but so beautiful.”

Popup Florist Anemone ArrangementRed, purple and white anemones (via @popupflorist)

Heather Lee, owner of Hello Flowers in Oakland, Calif., prefers clean, white flowers. “White king proteas are plentiful this time of the year and just look very regal and impressive,” she says. “I also love using magnolia leaves as my base greenery in an arrangement. The glossy green color is so vibrant, while the velvety-brown undersides feel very luxe.”


Hello Flowers Holiday Theme ArrangementStriped amaryllis say “holiday” without being a cliché. (via @helloflowershopalso at top)

Focus on hues that complement the jewelry on display, as well as your store’s interiors. “If it’s an arrangement placed next to a case of gold jewelry, I’d use warmer-toned flowers in blush and burgundy instead of cooler tones like purple,” says Lee.

A traditional holiday palette is great for decorating doorways and window displays. Wreaths are always welcome, as are lush, floor-length garlands. “Fresh greenery instantly conveys ‘holiday’ but in an upscale, understated way,” says Lee.

Popup Florist Glitter Wreath(via @popupflorist)

Hayes is also a fan of garland treatments but likes to insert red, silver, or gold accents. “Plus, fresh garland will last you through the season,” she says. “It may be a bit on the pricier side but I think it’s worth the investment.”


Standard issue glass vases for your floral arrangements are fine but the best florists like to work with vessels that offer more in the way of style and storytelling (think: vintage pieces, or containers made of burnished copper or sleek black lacquer).

Hello Flowers Oakland Floral Arrangementvia @helloflowershop

A word of caution: “It’s important to use a vase that is leak-proof, especially for countertop arrangements,” says Lee. “Seems like a no-brainer, but some watertight containers made of marble or concrete can actually slowly leach out moisture.”

Popup Florist Floral Arrangement with Palm Fronds and Gold Accents(via @popupflorist)

Hayes’ favorite holiday decorating detail? Sparkle. “I say, throw glitter on everything. I love this time of year at the flower market where all of my usual go-to florals are painted or dyed and covered in glitter. It makes arrangements so fun and festive.”

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