High-Tech Pet Collar Charms Keep Your Furry Friends Safe and Stylish

To ensure your four-legged family members are safe, Posh Pet ID has developed high-tech QR code collars that offer an alternative to implanting tracking devices underneath skin. Each collar comes with a QR-coded tag linked to a secure website hosting pet owner information when scanned.

Tags are engraved with phrases like, “Help me, I’m lost” and “Scan me above,” along with a laser-printed URL leading to the pet’s individual page. Each tag is custom-made in either stainless steel or brass, laser-engraved with a choice of four fonts (Garamond, Comic Sans, Monotype or Herculaneum).

Animal-lovers can choose from a selection of 36 charm styles, including a four-leaf clover, moustache, anchor, skull and crossbones, bicycle, owl, and more. 

Carol Dounn, vice president of laser-engraving company PhotoScribe, and mother to two boys and two dogs, came to her employer with the idea of creating PoshPetID. “I grew up in the jewelry industry,” she said in a statement. “I wanted to create a stylish pet ID collar to help lost pets find their way home easily. My boys, if they got lost, could pick up a phone and call me…but my dogs can’t.”

Collars are available in gingham, leather, reflective glow-in-the-dark, faux python, studded, rhinestone, and argyle styles, as well as in a variety of colors and sizes—perfect for adding a dash of personality to Spike, Rover or Buttercup’s conventional safety tags.

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