Henry Dunay Is Designing Again

Legendary designer Henry Dunay is back in business,
according to the man himself, after his namesake company filed
for bankruptcy
and liquidated
last year.

His new company, HDDI, is based on 48th street,
and can be reached at henrydunay – at – hotmail.com.

The 74-year-old designer says he’s mostly making “brooches,
earrings, pins, important things,” on an individual order basis.

“I have a bunch of stores that are asking me to design for
them,” he says. “But I need to build up inventory first.”

Speaking of which, Dunay is upset about some fakes being
sold as his work. He advises people to look for the distinctive “HD” stamp
inside each piece.

And to show the extent the designer’s name still carries
weight, see today’s
article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

JCK News Director